Rebooting problems - PLEASE HELP!

I seem to have a major problem. (not smart arse comments please). :wink:

Seriously, my backups of Sof2 and GTA3 that i burnt with CloneCd with my Creative 32x12x40 cause my system to reboot.

Briefly, I copied my originals using the Creative and CloneCd (previous version to the latest one) about 2 weeks ago. I was running WinXp and using nvidia drivers 23.82 (or whatever). The cd’s ran fine in the Creative.

Now, I had to reinstall Windows XP. I still kept my game files and save games in a separate partition. I upgraded my cd-burner to a LiteOn 40 speed burner. I also upgraded the nivida drivers to 29.34 (or whatever). Go into the game directory on the hdd, click on the sof2 gamefile. Game boots up, but on the loading screen with the map it is loading the computer restarts after about 30 secs of loading the map in. Sometimes i get into the game and it works (and sometimes restarts). What could be causing this.?

Different Cd burners (I think the efm on the creative is one sheep)

Now to complicate it - I copied off a CD Star Wars Pod Racer (this CD was a backup using an older drive - ClonyXXL actually said there was no protection on it). Now it installs but when it goes to load a map it reboots my system.

I am using WinXp Home, 2g Athlon, Soltek DRV5 (Via KT333) 512 megs DDR 2100 ram, GF4 ti4600 Asus, Hercules Soundcard (Fortissimo 2), LiteOn 40 burner (too lazy to see the model).

Sorry, never even heard of the problem (rebooting on error from CD-R backups) but I suspect that it’s major and you need to find it, whatever it is. I still can’t get some backups to play on my XP Pro box.

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