Reboot problem

comp keeps on rebooting whenever i try and use dvd decrypter or dvd shrink. When i turn dvd decrypter on first b4 inserting the dvd and then inserting it, it decrypts fine. This does not work for dvdshrink however. My drive is a toshiba region free firmware flashed and my other dvd drive is a pioneer a06 region free as well ive tried using both drives and both drives have the same problem.

Perhaps a faulty ASPI layer?

Check you ASPI layer with aspichk.
The layer should look something like this if it’s working right:

If something doesn’t look like the above, fix (force) your ASPI layer to 4.60 with this. Make a backup copy first incase you want to go back.

all my files are 4.6(1021)

  • Tried uninstalling all CD/DVD related software then reinstalling with the newest versions?
  • Uninstall your drive(s) from device manager, reboot and let Windows reinstall them.