Reboot after decrypt/shrink/why?

Using verbatim 16x dvd+ media with the 716A 1.06
I can burn movies all day and never a coaster using dvd decrypter and shrink.

anytime I try to make a copy of any burn,
plextools doesn’t seem to recognize that I have a 16x burn
in the tray because it only wants to write at the minimum speed.
2400 or 2500 kps which would take 30 minutes or so.
[disk info shows exactly what is on the disk in plextools. dvd+r media etc.
same with nero…
they both don’t seem to recognize that the disk in the tray is a
16x burn

If I reboot my pc, then all is forgiven as both recognize the media
and will write to the hard drive and burn the movie[copy] in approx 10-11 minutes.
Is there a folder I need to clear somewhere that’s holding temp files that causes this?
does anyone expirience this also?

thanks for any info…

Well you might want to start in the FAQ’s here: Are you running the most current version of Nero, is your drive in UDMA vs PIO mode and are your ASPI’s installed correctly would be my first questions :slight_smile:

latest nero and the aspi has been installed correctly…
drive is in UDMA…

What does Nero info tool say for speeds(under drive tab) when you have a blank 16x disc in the drive, or you can use CD-DVD Speed and click the Disc beside your drive drop down list? Do you have any other drives that are acting the same? I have had simalar problems with Image Tool Burn only giving me the 2.4x Option but normally solve it by ejecting and reinserting the disc (Img tool Uses Nero) so I am thinking and I could be wrong, that it is Nero. Try removing and reinstalling Nero and if all else fails do a Self Diognostic on the drive with recommended media. HTH :slight_smile:

One more thing you can try is to disable IMAPI CD burrning in Computer management and see if that helps. Forgot to mention that in my above post. :slight_smile: