Rebates - what's the deal?

Everywhere on US sites I see something about rebates, I really wonder what’s the deal with it. Why do offer companies rebates ? Sometimes the rebates even drop the prices they are soo ridiculous low, I really can’t get it…

Simple: People buy the product, since they think they are getting a lower price. Then, they forget to send in the rebate. Everyboy wins, except for the customer.

Also getting rebates often takes several months, and encorages customers to buy something they would not normally. This gives the company the CASH, for a period about a month like a short term lone, if they need cash for a short period for any reason. - Like to “cook the books”.

The coolest refund :

When you buy a new PC and it has Microsoft windows installed on it , do NOT agree with the terms and ask you rmoney back :slight_smile: