Rebate Form Unavailable on Plex Website



I bought a 716a a few weeks back and went to the PlexUSA website to download the rebate form ($30) with no luck. The link has been dead for the last few days and the rebate expires March 31. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Try Plextor Canada website. It is working. Just tried it!


I tried links in Canada for the rebate and they didn’t work either. Turned out my Adobe Reader (6.0) was not opening the website links to view the pdf files. I downloaded Reader 7.0, uninstalled 6.0 and installed 7.0. Magic! It worked. Thanks for the help anyway!! :bigsmile:


Weird, I just tried it, works just fine.

Using Firefox 1.x, right-clicked, selected save as, viewed in Adobe Reader, np’s.

Maybe the link went dead for a day or something, dunno.


Go here:$30%20rebate%201Jan%20to%2031Mar05.pdf

Maybe you were following a dead link on the website.


Here is link