Rebate for plextor 740a from back in dec

i got mine yesterday!

this was on the px740a + 20 DL discs deal that best buy was forced to honor.

i officially got both rebates back and ended up with a benQ DW1640 and two 10 packs of verbatim DL discs for a grand total of $40.

Just thought I’d post on here since I know a bunch of cdfreaks members got in on this deal. hopefully you’ll get your rebates soon too! :slight_smile:

(mine was in the mail dec. 22 so it was just about 5 weeks from the day i dropped my envelop in the mail to the day i received my check…not too shabby in light of the horror stories I’ve heard.)

You are one lucky man, hope mine comes soon

My rebates came in yesterday also (Plextor=$20, BB=$30). Great deal for $31.00 !!!

I got the BB rebate check for 30 but have not received the Plextor yet but I’m not worried. When I get the plextor rebate, It will have cost me only $31 + tax for the whole lot. Can’t beat a deal like that. It will probably never happen again but I keep my eye on cdfreaks bargain forum just in case something pops up.

I got the Plextor rebate and the Best Buy rebate both yesterday. It turned out to be a great deal, with the 20 DL disc included after a fight.

*lucky WOman

and i’d check your mail any day now. seems liek everyone’s got theirs!

also, all you jerks who got the $30 best buy rebate, was that earlier in the week? i got $20 from best buy and $30 from plextor, but i didn’t go until thursday or friday of that week i think.

My receipt say I bought mine on 12-18 sunday. My BB check is $30 bucks (I haven’t deposited it yet) and I am only expecting $20 from plextor.