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I along with others have been burnt by a number of these rebate scams. I noticed similar threads to mine regarding the difficulty with in receiving a $10 rebate for the 25 Verbatim 16x. Here is the website to file a complaint with the United States Federal Trade Commission$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01
(also try as I have recently. Perhaps if we all filed complaints with the FTC we can get some enforcement similar to what they just did to CompUSA.

In that case the judge ruled that CompUSA was liable for the rebate even though the manufacturer offering the rebate failed to pay the rebate. The short of this is that we can all go back to the retailer and ask for our rebate directly referencing this case. I certainly intend to do this with Fry’s who undoubtedly will raise hell with the manufacturer and the rebate fulfillment house, or who ever.

Anyone got one filed against BB and Fujifilm. They have burned me twice. :mad:

I am surprised there were no class action suites filed against store chains/manufacturer… They’ve been screwing people for a loooooooong time…

(Funny thing, when Blockbuster started advertising “No late fees”. It had “misleding advertisement” stamp of aproval. And Bum!!! 2 months later NJ’s DA filed a suite for false/misleading advertising…)

P.S. too bad Staple has a short list a good deals (i.e at least the items I’m looking for :-)) I like their system. No original/copy UPC, receipt BS.
Get the product…
File the rebate online (no envelopes, no copies, no cutting)
Get your status., 4-8 weeks you have a check…
If something wrong? you still have original recipt, box, form.
Did anyone have problems w/ Staple after they rolled new system? Just curious…

All the bitching in the world is not going to change this. The reason rebates are so popular is because less than 50% of people bother to fill their rebate forms out and send them in. The fullfillment houses then guarantee the manufacturers that a percentage of the submitted forms will be rejected or “lost”. The people who claim they have received every rebate submitted are either lucky or living in a delusional world. Some fullfillment houses will only pay if the person personally calls and complains. The system is designed to require constant monitoring and most people just give up.
The only solustion is to not play the rebate game and express your disatisfaction directly to the merchants. Until then, learn to live with it.

Everybody’s entitled to an opinion. But nobody’s entitled to be taken seriously /.

I don’t dispute anything you say. I especially agree about the part about telling the merchant about your dissatisfaction. They can ignore any one of us, but will pay attention to government regulatory bodies. Complaining to these bodies such as the FTC, Better Business Bureaus is, IMO, the way to go.

Fact is things are changing in the rebate world. Best Buy has announced they will phase out rebates over the next two years. See (
They claim this is due to customer complaints. No doubt rebates will be offset by the Best Buy “rewards” system to build customer loyalty. As Best Buy goes so goes CompUSA, Fry’s and others. Goodbye rebates and good riddance. Rewards Program!!!..the Horror, the Horror!

The Better Business Bureau is actualy a private company, adn RARELY does ANYTHING for the consumer. Who do you think funds the BBB? I’ll tell you who, COMPANIES that pay for a MEMBERSHIP to the BBB. They are NOT in your corner as, YOU’RE not the one paying their bills. Don’t even waste you time with them. The BBB is a sham. The FTC on the other hand, is an entirely different matter.


Yes, they’re indirectly funded by campaign contributions. The best government money can buy.

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True enough Pipemanid, all I’m saying is that when the FTC decides to take action against a company, first off, they actualy CAN, secondly, they whack their pee-pee’s pretty damned hard. lol


Joe Dirt,

let’s hope they smack their pee-pees with a golf club, and knock them clean off. eh?

I’m not gonna bitch here but instead bow to Dell. Got my 2 X $150 rebate for buying 2 sets of desktops plus free LCD. Mine sent 3/21, Dell sent checks 4/19, received today 4/22.