Rebagged Lite-on 811s Firmawave Help **Pacific Digital**



I bought a pacific digital U-30201 dvd burner and it says its a Lite-on LDW 811s…I’ve found two firmwares in the firmware page It has two of the newest firmware HS0Q and HSTQ (OEM)…Wouldnt my rebagged drive be considered an “OEM”? Which firmware would I use? and what firmware utility do you guys suggest?? Thanks in advance…


HS0Q is the latest firmware intended for retail Liteon drives. The flash tool looks for drives with firmware versions between HS01 and HS0Q and if your firmware revision is not in between there it will refuse to flash your drive. HSTQ is an OEM firmware which is quite old now. There is no reason to use HSTQ.