My friend is interested in getting a Plextor 708, but seeing as the NEC 2500 is ~105 and a Plextor is usually ~180+, rebadges seem the way to go. So other than TDK 840, are they any other rebadges for the Plextor? And for that matter, is there any list of the most DVD burners and what they’re a rebadge of? I haven’t been able to find a centralized list… everything’s pretty scattered.

I’ve not seen such a list, one of the reasons is that many brands switch manufacturers very often.

TDK for example have a 8x4 that may be a plextor but they also have a 8x8 that is a NEC - and there may be others as well.

There is not many Plextor rebadges - probably since they are quite expensive.

What’s wrong with the NEC? :wink: I think it’s better value for the money than a Plextor…

its pretty easy to tell a plextor rebagged in a retail box

They will ALWAYS have a TLA number on the box somewhere