Rebadged LiteOn drive (Philips branded)



I believe this drive here that I just ordered off SVP is a rebadged LiteOn 1635S…I know a few of you have bought the same drive, any ideas how to crossflash it to a LiteOn?

It was just too good to pass up at £20 :)…and I did read a couple of other threads about this drive, but to be honest, I ended up mystified as to the best method!

Cheers for any help. :slight_smile:


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Bless you, zebadee! For some unholy reason, I completely forgot about Codeguys’ site - thanks very much :bow:


Just get the latest from firmware from Liteon or the special firmware being tested right now.
This is the thread for it here .
You’ll need to get the latest Smartburn from liteon to activate the new features & it’s definitely worthwhile.

Just running the exe for these Liteon firmwares should be fine, nothing special for cross flashing.

I too thought £20 was a bargain.


Thanks Tim, you’re a star too :bow: - I’d forgotten about HT/OS. :slight_smile:


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To be truthful I’m not very good with these acronyms so don’t know what this means but I suspect it’s not very ladylike.


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Thanks geno. Maybe I better have read of that thread.


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I like the last one, Geno - I’ll have to remember that :bigsmile:


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@[B]Arachne[/B]: latest acronym is derived from M$ official solving problems forum :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi :slight_smile:
Test f/w:
Lite-On Utilities:


Thanks again, zebadee :bow: :bigsmile:


You will love your 1635. I’m using stock firmware its probably the best burning drive I’ve owned, and I’m a drive addict! :slight_smile:


Hahaha, excellent :bigsmile:

Actually, I just showed the pics (of the drives on SVP) to someone else on the board, and he reckons the markings etc are identical to his BenQ (I ordered the beige one, goes with my comp)…God, I hope I flash to the right drive :bigsmile:


I thought it was probably Benq being that Philips and Benq are the same company (I think). All of the newer Benqs have vent holes on one side of the drive, thats the the first thing to look for. :wink:
Cross flashing is easy. just go slow and read up on it first.