Rebadged Lite-On 20A6/iHAS120 Any Good (Dell DX-20A6Q)?

Can this old rebadged Lite-On 20A6/iHAS120 drive be put to any use:

I only ask because $19 for a brand new retail external is pretty cheap, even if it is old tech.

Were the 20A6/iHAS120 drives eventually able to scan for jitter?

Would this be any good at ripping or as a player/reader for a media center?

Or is it a piece of crap that I should just ignore?

I completely skipped over the 20A6/iHAS120 models when they were first released back in 2008, so I don’t have any experience with them.

This series was the first to use the iHAS name and it can scan for jitter. The ripping and reading capabilities are typical LiteOn, so you won’t get any surprises. QFlix seems to be a firmware-enabled option, but you might be able to crossflash it to a regular iHAS120 using stock or CK’s patched firmware.