Rebadged iHAS324-Y only allows bitsetting of DVD-ROM up to 500 times?



My friend is using this burner & whether he uses imgburn, dvdinfopro to access it’s booktype option, there seems to be this “limit”. Is there anyway to remove it? Like using Liggy’s modified firmwares?

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You can change the permanent setting 500 times. But usually there’s no need to change it between DVD-ROM and the original disc type that often. If you wish to do this, it’s recommended to use the temporary setting instead.

If you really need to do this, you can however reset the change counter with Binflash, but flash memory only has a limited account of write cycles so it’s not recommended to change the setting too often.


So if I use temporary settings it won’t affect the counter? Thanks…


[QUOTE=Bloodlust;2514716]So if I use temporary settings it won’t affect the counter? Thanks…[/QUOTE]
That’s right. But the actual setting is always restored to the permanent setting, when the drive is reset. But many burning programs (e.g. Nero) can handle this on their own.

I always set the permanent setting for DVD+R to DVD-ROM on my drives and then don’t need to think about further changes.