Rebadged drives?

This is what I have found “scattered” around the web, feel free to make any corrections or additions if warranted. Can someone verify if these are correct?

Kanguru 8x (Rebadged NEC 2500)
Mad Dog 8x (Rebadged NEC 2500)
Phillips 1620 (Rebadged BenQ 1620)
HP 630 (Rebadged BenQ 1620)
NuTech 16x (Rebadged BenQ 1620)
Sony 710 (Rebadged Lite-On?)
I/O Magic 16x ( Either Rebadged BenQ 1620 or BTC)
Pacific Digital Mach 16 (Rebadged BenQ 1620)

Anybody know what companies used the NEC 3500 for their drives, and does anyone use the NEC 3520,currantly?

The Maddog 16xDVD9, tdk1616, RICOH MP5163DA, Freecom FX50, Memorex DLRWN16, and IO DATA ??? are rebaged nec 3500’s

The maddog 16XDVD9A2 is a rebaged 3250

Who makes the Pacific Digital “X-treme-8” 8x DVD Burner? I just picked up an external one at Staples on closeout, for $51(after using my $20 coupon I had with me). I thought it was too good of a price to pass up, and I can always sell it on Ebay, if its not a good drive.

Pac Dig Mach 16 is the BenQ 1620. There was a sale last month for $50 (after coupon).

Yes, I know that, I bought one of them at that time, and am still kicking myself in the rear for not buying two! This one is a “X-treme-8”, Im thinking it must be a BTC, as I opened it up to look at it, and the serial number says “A78NF9” model number “U-30302”.

nu techs shouldn’t be rebadged drives they are a new company started in silicon valley in 2003 and they manufacture, design, and test all of there own products ( my wife’s cousin is a design engineer there is why i know this. He says they do not have rebadged products, but other companies do use there products i.e. I/O magic XXXX (as an example only) he said he can guarantee me they dont use rebadged but couldn’t tell me who uses there stuff rebadged

Hey 78hotrod, isn’t the Nu Tech DDW-163 a rebadged Benq 1620?
With most things made in China now there’s probably not much difference :slight_smile:

Also I can verify for fact that Micro Advantage DVDRW 16X is repackage of “AOpen DUW1608/APP”).

I have bought this drive today Sunday March 6, 05 from sale at Office Max for $39 flat with no rebate involve.

My Memorex DVD16+/-DL4RWnD2 is a rebadged NEC 3520A

It is black and the front of the tray is Silver. It has a cool Blue LED.

Do you mean the maddog 16XDVD9A2 is a rebaged 3520? Can’t find information about 3250.

sorry…meant 3520