Rebadged BENQ Norwood CompUSA $30 AR

CompUSA still has some Norwood DVD drives for $30 after rebate. The ones I saw in a couple of So Cal stores were rebadged BenQ DW1650’s or DW1640’s. There were a lot on Wednesday and only a few left today. Also, some external models about double the price…

The problem is you can’t rely on CompUSA for the rebates they don’t have a good history on honoring their own rebates.

I’ve never had any problems getting rebates from them, but I may be the exception of course.

Where is the proof that they don’t honor their own rebates? Are you relying on anecdotal evidence? What percentage of their rebates don’t they honor?

I certainly [I]hope[/I] CompUSA honors their rebates. I have 3 of them outstanding worth a total of $90. I wouldn’t have bought the items if not for the rebates.

CompUSA is rebate heaven, I am starting to hate CompUSA for their PM policy, why have PM when they cant honor the pricematch.

[QUOTE=krkdnose]I’ve never had any problems getting rebates from them, but I may be the exception of course.

Consider yourself the exception as you have pointed out.

Not until I see evidence, thanks :wink: Until then, I’ll just happily keep collecting my CompUSA rebates.

I just bought a couple of drives at CompUSA with 20,00USD rebates and if they come it will be a plus but I am not going to go crazy if they don’t. I wanted the drives and I paid the 59.99, if I get the 20.00 rebate on each, then it will just be a better deal.

I have had all of my CompUSA rebates honored since 2002 and I always keep a copy of the submission so in case anything goes wrong, I can file a claim.

Very good practice.

I just ventured to my local Comp, and got the last 1650 on the shelf. I now have 2 1640’s and 2 1650’s. I will stash this one for the inevitable day when my old one dies.
I have gotten back 3 rebates in the last year on these drives, (2 HI-VAL, 1 NORWOOD)but I did have to do some ranting to get the last one. Initially it didn’t show, then after a resubmition, it showed up 1 day after the expiration date on the check. 3rd time was the charm though. Luckily, I had every thing copied and documented, or I would have been hosed.

How much did buy this last 1650? Does it come with rebate also? I am also waiting for 2 ($50) rebates that I got from CompUSA 3 week ago for buying 2 ViewSonic 20" monitor of course the rebates are from ViewSonic not CompUSA. I have copy of both and I have sent them certified mail.

Hi TCAS :slight_smile: It was the Norwood DW1650 rebadge deal as described by the OP.
(59.99 with $30 rebate). I think yesterday was the last day, but I expect the promotion will come up again soon, as the rebate slip states the product must be purchaced between 10/29/06 and 12/30/06.
Postings in the forum seem to indicate that these rebadges may be the last chance to get a 1640 or 50.
I think you have yourself covered on your rebates. I was able to view the status of mine online while waiting, and refiled on the last one thru the website, when it didn’t initially show up. They were pretty good about responding when I did, even contacting me by phone a couple of times. :clap:

$29.99 after $30 MIR for the repackage of BenQ either 1640 or 1655 considering is a retail pack is parity darn good deal and you cannot beat that conga for this. BTW: my two $50 rebates is from ViewSonic not CompUSA.

well TCAS, the final price is $30, but the rebate is $30. Thats 50% off of Rebate, that makes the rebate a huge rebate and thus unattractive. If the final price is $30 after $10 rebate, then most of us can bite our nails

I agree ghetocowboy but on this thread, some members have indicated that they have no problem with CompUSA rebate, so as long as they feel confident that they will receive their rebate money then %50 off from the price for the BenQ drive is not bad.

I paid $60 with $20 rebate ($40 final price) for the last 3 that I bought, so this is an attractive deal in comparison. Especially for my local, where shipping prices are high.