Reauthoring with DVDshrink

i just made my very first copy of a video DVD, i got rid of extras and had a copy at 100% which is just fine.
the only thing is that in the DVDshrink copy window appeared first the movie and then the menu, which i didn’t notice; the result is that when inserting the DVD in my home player, it plays first the movie and only at the end of it i have the menu screen; and this menu acts silly and doesn’t work.
having in DVD tree window the menu first and in second the movie would have resulted in a normal sequence (menu -> movie)?
the menues, in general, work fine after copy? even if some files they relate to haven’t been written on the target DVD-R ?

I’m a little confused (nothing unusual for me :smiley: ). Thread title is Reauthoring with DVDShrink. If you use the reauthoring featute of Shrink, its MOVIE only and no Menus at all. Or have you selected the Full Disk option in Shrink and achieved 100% by removing unwanted audio tracks & subtitles ?

Did you use Shrink to extract the files off the DVD direct or did you rip them to your HD first with DVD Decrtpter ?

no i used reauthoring and in that case had the possibility to add any kind of file from the original DVD to the copy project. it has been exactly like adding files when making a data CD with Nero.
the result was:
“XXX” (copy project)
-> main movie
-> menus (with only languages, no extra or trailers or comentaries etc)
Was like 4.3 giga so didn’t need to be reencoded.
Then i asked to copy using Nero and DVDshrink did everythong by itself, means ripping to image file and burning it (without opening Nero but simply using what seemed to be a Nero plugin).
The result is a movie with equal quality to original; the only problem is that i thought DVDshrink would put in the right order the files i chose but didn’t, then i have the movie first and then the menu not working at all (guess it couldn’t find the files it refers to cause they were before the meu and not after as usual).
that’t why i wonder if in general the menus work fine even if (it’s my case) you conserve the languages, for exemple, but not the extras and other stuff…

I say again, reauthor mode in Shrink is for MAIN MOVIE only. You can drag anthing you like in but it will just treat them as movie files, not as a menu. The whole IFO files are re-written so it has absolutely no idea what the menu was trying to do or point to to. In short, it just wont work. Reauthor -> main movie ONLY, Full Disk -> Menus, Movie + extras, those are the only 2 scenarios that work.

Yep. Chicken Man is right. Re-authoring means EXACTLY that. It is RE (please note the prefix) authoring…meaning you are authoring the disc all over again in a different format than that of the original. As CM said, that should be used for ‘movie only’ copying.

To quote from the ‘unofficial’ DVD Shrink FAQ: “Re-author mode creates a custom dvd. You cannot keep menus or the original DVD structure. You can do main movie only and add additional titles (some bonus features or extras for instance) and they’ll play sequentially.”

Funny … I just came to this forum to post this exact question.

However, let me make sure I have this correct. (forgive me, I’m a total noob at this )

If I am going to Re-Author I should have only 1 file and that is the Main Movie, unless I want to add short “Extra” clips from the DVD which are treated just like movies and play in sequence.

However, I can choose Full Disk and the menus will work. Unfortunately, it will have to use a higher compression in order to fit all this content on the DVD. Using Full Disk will not give me any options to remove extra languages and other stuff in order to cut space and use less compression. It is basically ALL or Nothing.

Are the above statements true ?

As I understand the DVD Shrink Guide, yes. If you want the main movie WITH the menu intact you MUST burn the entire VOB containing movie, menu AND markers, otherwise the menu will NOT function properly. So you have to burn all of it and take the compression hit that comes with it.

But fear not my brothers! Dual layer discs (and proper burners rather than firmware kludges) are on the way to save us all from shrinkage! :smiley:

->MeTuLHed: thanks we did note the RE-authoring…
That’s exactly why such an option may allow to choose part of the files and then edit/disconnect corresponding options in the menus… “Shrinking” would be a little better to define this false-reauthoring.
But since we got answers in these forums we would avoid to do twice the mistake.
And so far i think this software is really nice and simple to use

Correct for Re-Author mode

However, for Full Disk mode, you most defenitely can (and should) remove any languages that are un-needed from Main Movie, Extras, etc. Even remove Subpictures(Subtitles) though you dont gain much from doing so. If the Extras are less important to you, choose Custom compression and slide the slider down a bit. This will give more data for the main. Do the same for the Menus. Any Unsuported, then choose Custom compression for it and slide the slider to its lowest allowed. All this will provide more space on the final dvdr for the Main Movie and increase its quality (though may be still un-acceptably low).

Hi Guys,
Well I just burned my first DL disc using DVDShrink and Nero. Have one question for you folks in Shrinkland; The default for DVD-5 is 4464 while the true space on the single layer media is 4482. Why the difference ???

What should the xxxxMB number be for DL ??? I used 7460 which is 18 less than the maximun of 7478. This was using the DVD-5 numbers as an example…

why would you use dvdshrink for copying a dvd-9 onto another dvd-9 while still worrying about the output size? the whole point of using a transcoder in this manner is to make a dvd-9 fit onto a dvd-5. if you’re burning onto a dvd-9, you don’t even have to compress anything. just rip the contents of the dvd without compression (dvdshrink, dvd decrypter, anydvd, etc, can all do this) and then burn with nero.

Yes I know that, but I’m looking for the size of a DVD-9 to enter into DVDShrink with no compression.

No number needs to entered at all, no compression simple means no compression! The files are simply copied (minus any CCS encryption and made region free) to your HD ready to burn. As say, why even bother with Shrink, just get DVD Decrypter and simply rip in File mode ALL files, then burn back with Nero. This cant be any simpler.

Thank You…
Will give it a try…

Thank You! Thank You!
Works great…
Alot faster than DVDShrink…

If the Extras are less important to you, choose Custom compression and slide the slider down a bit. This will give more data for the main. Do the same for the Menus.

This is variable compression that the new DVDShrink allows right?

What is a general safe compression rate for ‘extras & menus’? I’d like to compress those twice as much and bump up my main movie 10% or so…
I think it can be done cause extras are usually around 1 GB or so, I just don’t know if say 30% compression is viewable…

A very subjective question that only you can really answer, I suggest you try out some settings yourself. The results will vary from DVD to DVD as well. Shrink will not normally allow you to go as low as 30% anyway, 40 to 50 is generally its lower limit. Just remember, the extras are generally poor quality to start with compared to the main movie, so any extra compression can result in unwatchable crap.

Another option which hasn’t been mentioned in this post is that of splitting a compilation across multiple disks. In DVD Shrink, it can only be done in Re-Author mode, meaning you still can’t keep the menus, but you can maintain quality of some of the larger movies by spanning over 2 discs (or more if desired). See attached files for pics - once the splitting box comes up, it is a matter of simply selecting the chapter to end on in the ‘end frame’ section, or use the slider for fine-tuning. Make sure to start the second part from where the first left off (in the ‘start frame’ section).

CloneDVD has a similar function, & it allows you to keep all menus, as well!