Reauthoring 4 DVDs into one- S.O.S



I have 4 short DVD movies that I want to copy into one single DVD. Shrinking and copy protection is not an issue with them. My problem is that each of the 4 movies (with 2 VTS each) has its own main menu with different options (scene selection, credits, etc), and I want to keep their structure, just adding a new main menu where I can choose between any of the 4 movies.

I’ve been searching in different forums and couldn’t get any solution for this problem. I think there must be a way to do this without reauthoring from scratch (what I won’t do because its too complicated).

Is there any software, tutorial or idea that help me to do this?


DvdReMake Pro can do this (i believe the non-pro version is limited to combining two dvds).