Reauthor titles into chapters

Hi there

I’ve got a karaoke DVD - don’t laugh :disagree: - where every song is a ‘title’ and there’s no disc menu,

Unless I’m being dumb, there’s no way of skipping between titles on a regular DVD player, so I have to scan through the whole disk to find a track.

I’ve ripped it with DVD Decrypter. What’s the easiest way to reauthor it so the ‘titles’ become ‘chapters’, so that the next chapter / previous chapter buttons will work?



Some DVD players allow jumping between titles - have you checked the manual because that’s the easiest thing of all. :wink:

Otherwise, if you ripped the whole thing with DVD Decrypter in IFO mode then presumably you have a large number of VTS files? These will need to be joined together into one MPEG2 file and the chapters manually inserted. Something like Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD or VideoRedo TV Suite have 30-day free trials which will allow you to play about and reauthor the files.

Fantastic - thanks very much - that worked a treat.