Reasons for a corrupted iso file?

I would like to know better the reasons why an iso file can become corrupted, so ill know how to keep it safe in the future.
Not so long ago i had an important iso file, and when i wanted to open it, i received “this file is curropted” error.
I ended up deleting it.:sad:

I really have no idea why this is happend and i would like to know what can cause this error.

Now im making 2 copies of the iso file, but i still would like to know the root of the problem.


What program did you use to create the iso? What program did you use that gave you the error?

I didnt make it, i downloaded it.
I had it for a long time, about half a year, it also worked before.
It was on my external hard drive.

I always opening my iso files with Power Iso.

When was the last time you scanned your drive for errors? I file doesn’t get corrupted just sitting on a hard drive. Do you have any other software that can read the iso, like Daemon Tools or Isobuster or anything similar? Oops! You said you deleted it so there’s no way to check it with another program unless it can be recovered. Sorry.

I… never scanned my drives before…:confused:
Like i said, i was using only Power Iso.
I never tried to open it with another program.
I just ended up deleting it.

So iso file cant become corrupted by itself somehow?
The reason need to be the drive its sitting on?


So iso file cant become corrupted by itself somehow?
The reason need to be the drive its sitting on?[/QUOTE]

No file can be corrupted all by itself, there has to be another reason like a virus or hard drive defect. Bits don’t magically disappear. :disagree:

Yup, even the best Filesystem is not able to prevent corruption on files which are infected by other tools running.

Can you recommend me a good program to scan my drives?

Most drive makers have software available for download or it may come on a disk with the drive. You can also use Windows built in tools to scan the drive for errors.

Yup, in windows just use chkdsk / scandisk, then the special tools form the HDD manufacturer.