Reasons for a bad copy


I have been given a DVD that someone made for me. I checked the booktype in DVD Decrypter and it states that it is DVD+R. This disc plays perfectly on my DVD player, and also on 2 other DVD players I’ve tried it in.

I decided to make a DVD of my own by converting some avi files I had into DVD using WinAVI. I then burnt the resulting image onto a DVD using DVD Decrypter.
Now, the disc I burnt plays perfectly on my DVD player, but not on the 2 others. This disc is also set to DVD+R.

I originally thought that it was due to the book type of the disc, but I have since discovered that they are both DVD+R.

Can anyone tell me why this would happen.


Not all burners are able to change booktype. What is your burner?

And what media do you use? Also with booktype in ROM a bad media will give bad results.

I use Verbatim media on a NEC 3500AG drive.

Some players are picky with media, and will accept one and not the other… it’s difficult to say what’s the culprit here. More details are needed…