Reason for living for sale on Ebay

EVERYONE NEEDS a reason to live, or a purpose in life, wouldn’t you agree?

This is something we can probably let the Abhinavaguptas, the Platos and the Socrates of the 21st century argue over in a philosophical or aesthetic sense.

Over at Ebay you can bid for a purpose in life with the stakes standing at only 99 cents as we speak.

If you successfully win, the vendor is offering what he or she desires for her or his life. That might not be the same as what you want, but if you’ve no reason to live, what the heckers?

The five year plan includes award winning speeches and even a certificate of authenticity. We’ve heard of five year plans before. Wasn’t it Chairman Mao who first launched these, a long time back?

Is there nothing you can’t buy from Ebay? [No, Ed.]


It reminds me of the insurance “life” plan sales person who visited my home a few days ago. :sad:

Insurance Companies have always some little note that makes you have to pay for it all … :frowning:

Life insurance is a collective risk, minus expenses, which pays out to all participants who die. This is closer to a tontine or worse, a lottery.