Reason behind lack of posts

Some demon driver ran into the back of me Nissan 200sx while I was stationary with me brakes on, that really pissed me off, but I am still here :wink: His car looked like it had hit a solid wall @ 60mph, my motor had a scratched bumper, smashed no plate lites and a broken tail pipe on the exhaust. Little did I know my bumber contains special collision absorbing stuff and that took the impact, total cost for repair £1,100. His car worth about £10, total wreck.

Me asus 133 mobo died on me as well, so no pc for a 5 days, nearly killed me, instead I watch some movies :bigsmile:

I am now running the asus gold flagship mobo A7V8x comes with all the trimmings;) upgraded too a Barton chip 2600+ with 333fsb support and bought a 512 stick of crucial 2700 ddr memory. Have yet too benchmark it.:stuck_out_tongue:

Greets to yah all:D

p.s. I can’t recieve any e-mail at the moment, the board has serial raid support and they were very kind too add 1 x 40 pin master raid port, which supports 1 master device only. So one of me drives with all me outlook express accounts etc. are in an exe backup on that drive. So me thinking of buying the following froms

ATA-RAID-1200A 2Channel PCIKIT
Mfr code: ATARAID1200A
Quicklinx: 1295WS
9 available £57.57

Is this worth the money if so leave a msg here and I will come back and refresh the page. Your opinion will be the outcome, remember that.

cya :cop:

sorry about your hard luck!

>the board has serial raid support

Native or bridged PCI? Did you check? Intel’s 875P ICH5 chip is the first PC “south bridge” chip with built-in support for Serial ATA. The ICH5 includes two channels of Serial ATA 150, so you actually get an increase over the limitation of PCI’s bandwidth. The ICH5R has native Serial ATA RAID capability.

>Broadcom® Gigabit LAN

Is this like Intel’s communications streaming architecture? The 875P incorporates a communications interface right on its MCH chip, where a Gigabit Ethernet chip can access memory without the latency associated with the MCH-ICH chip-to-chip interconnect or (eek!) the PCI bus.

just wondering.