Reapplying ANYDVD License Info

I have a serious problem with my Compaq after the XP SP2 upgrade. I have had to recover the original system files and now I need to Reapply my ANYDVD License Info. I have forgotten how to do that. Some help, please! I would be very grateful! :bow:

If you have the original license file called Key.AnyDVD, double-click it (AnyDVD demo must be installed for this to work).

I had to wipe the drive and have the key written in a notebook. I therefore have to enter it manually. Thanks for your suggestion.

I just found the key on an external drive to which I had saved it when i bought the program. Works fine now.

i think i deleted my reg keys for clonecd and anydvd, what location are both of the keys saved in the registry so i can back em up.

Do a System Restore and you’ll get em back.

what pointless help “do a system restore” that isnt going to help!!! :(, thats like people on games who tell you to use alt+f4.

ben :frowning:

Wasn’t pointless at all, just being saractic.
Why would he need to back up registry keys with licensed product,
just enter the codes he received with his purchase, get my point.

Because he lost the keys he received with his purchase.

I can’t help with CloneCD, but the key for AnyDVD can be found here:


thx annoyed, dats all i wnted to know :wink:

You’re welcome. Actually, I did have CloneCD version 4. I think that version stored its registration info here:


I’m not sure about version 5 of CloneCD though.

yeh, u right. thx again annoyed :slight_smile: y is CloneCD Key under Elaborate Bytes and not under with Slysoft with AnyDVD. I understand why CloneDVD is under Elby tho

Because CloneCD was an Elaborate Bytes product, before they changed the name and location of the company in order to elude authorities–oops, I mean “before they sold the product line to SlySoft”. :slight_smile: And presumably, they simply haven’t bothered to change the location of the registry settings.