Realtime piracy statistics!



I just posted the article Realtime piracy statistics!.

Ok perhaps not realtime, but the graphics sure look nice :

Total world piracy rate: 36%
Total world retail software revenue lost to piracy: $12,163.2 million

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Its funny to see how they exagerate in the lost revenues. IMO the real value doesn’t even reach half of what they say.


Yo, all your british people out there, YOU SUCK!! Why the fuck are we in the lowest catagory for the amount of piracy, we all need to work harder, we want to be in the highest catagory. Come on guys, work harder at this, we are a bunch of skanky illegal fucks now lets prove it!!


As I already said: The loss of revenue is a total lie!!! They never losts any money on me, I wouldn’t even have a PC if there wan’t piracy. Who can afford such high priced shit anyway???


The revenue loss is true, not the numbers that they say but they do lose some. What disgusts me is when they say that it represents X lost jobs when in reality they wouldn’t even dream about creating more jobs EVER.


About denmarks stats, its wrong, we are above 70 % in software piracy, where do they get those low numbers.


Yeah, I’m wondering that my self. On what are those numbers based ? Suggestions by the BSA/BUMA ? And I think that the loss of revenue is based upon the fact that the illegal copies would have been bought legaly…


My piracy-rate is 99,99% The reason why it isn’t 100% is that own WinOnCD 3.8 which was bundled with my Plextor burner!


There should be a little red dot by my house :slight_smile:


Nila - Im with you m8 - lets get the figures to rise… UK - 90%+ thats what we want!!!


So why do those anti-piracy groups track us down when were in the lowest catagory!! Go to russia or something!! :frowning:


I need my own red dot as well. I have the largest collection of warez in town. I also have the largest MP3/Warez collection, nothing I own is legal. :d


this is probably just the BSA lying so they look as if they are lowering piracy;)


Greece Rulez! :d


Vietnam RULEZZZZ :d 98% is lie, it’s too low :4 , I doubt if there are ppl use legal software :+


Vietnam RULEZZZZ :d 98% is lie, it’s too low :4 , I doubt if there are ppl use legal software :+