Realtek Sound Card problems

Hi pals…
I have an MSI K8N-Neo Platinum Motherboard with an on-board 7.1 Realtek Sound card and I have it (since I bought it two months ago) connected to a Philips Home Theater thru the Coaxial Digital connection.
1- Yesterday, while I was listening to some music, the sound suddenly stopped (but Winamp showed the sound meters still moving) as if it kept playing…
2- I touched the wire that connects the line out and line in and the sound resumed, but after a while it stopped again and the same thing happened.
3- I first tried unistalling the sound card drivers and re installing them. But the sound card uninstall process falied and it showed me an error. Thus, I re.installed the drivers and repeated the procedure to unistall and the same error appeared.
4- I accessed windows thru error mode and I realised the sound card didn’t play at all there. And it didn’t give me any possibility to choose the sound card as if it didnd’t recognise it.
5- Then, I Changed the digital wire connection for the Analog wire connection (to check if the sound card was burnt) but the music sounded perfectly…
You’ll ask me, if the analog connection works… why trouble with the digital which doesn’t? and the answer is because digital connection is much better than analog and because the connection worked before all this happened, so why doesn’t it work now?
6- Next step was to update Sound cards Drivers and the analog connection keeps rendering sound, but the digital one DOESN’T

Anyone has any idea what the problem can be here and how it can be solved? I’d appreciate any input…

Try and disable the chip from the bios, remove all drivers, boot and restart a couple of times, then install all the needed software again.

It might work again this way :wink:

I recently bought a new pc the other day, and it has a Realtek Sound card (some High Definition Audio one) but after a few days of use, no sounds would play. I have tried everything, and it says theres no sound card, just that modem line thing, any ideas?! If someone could tell me how to set a default driver for sound that would be great…

Have a look in bios

The problem is that it is Realtek. I had the exact same problem recently with the card that came with a new computer and you can find hundreds of references to the same problem on the net. I have used quite a few sound cards over the years, from the dirt-cheap to the professional. I suspected the Realtec would go out pretty quickly, but the computer was so cheap it didn’t really matter. Besides, Realtec has been around long enough that I figured they may have made some improvements by now. Not so. Just buy another card. You would be better off with a generic no-name Chinese card than with a Realtec.