Realtek audio not working after r-format

WinXP PRO/32bit/P35 Platinum with Realtek sound card onboard.

I knew this would be an all day thing, but never would I be this frustrated in trying to get my sound back after reformatting the HD. After in stalling the OS (WinXp 32 PRO) I inserted the MSI utility and drivers CD and FIRST installed the Realtek ALC888/888T codec. Re-booted, I then went to Control panel, Sounds and audio devices, but under voice and audio, there was no Voice or sound playback. 

So I ventured over to Device manager and under OTHER DEVICES, and next to “PCI Simple Communications controller”, had a yellow exclamation next to it, then down the list under “System Devices”, there was yet another yellow exclamation point. No yellow signs next to Sounds. The speakers are plugged in right. When I try to play a song in Winamp,“No sound devices found, buy a sound card or install proper drivers”

This MSI P35 Platinum has a 2-channel to 7.1 Realtek sound card onboard already.

I went into add/remove programs to look around and noticed a program “Microsoft High Definition audio package K8888111”, I also saw listed, the “Realtek AC’97 Audio” and “Realtek High definition Audio Driver.”

I deleted all reference of these Realtek everything, rebooted, and went to MSI’s website and the only download was the High Definition Audio driver which I downloaded again. But to no avail. Never had this much problem with a sound card.

I thought maybe that Microsoft audio package might be the culprit, but it warned me that several apps will not work with out it.

Thanks alot. Happy New Year! :slight_smile:


you want to have SP3 installed. It has already support for HDAudio built-in.