Realplayer help

Hi to all i’m new here… I use the real player and it’s ok but when i want to burn a cd (songs) i have to convert it to mp3 then wav or is it the other way around ??? anyway is there an ez way to burn my songs i think the songs i’m working with r in (RM) format i would be thankfull if any one gave me a hand thank u

Why do you need to convert it to wav to bun to cd ? You might be confused and talkign about AAC, the CD Audio format you buy your normal music cd’s in.

I don’t really understand your question well (its not worded very well) but you could jsut porbably burn using either Nero Burning Rom, or a music application such as iTunes (my personal favourite) which can burn in both AAc and mp3 formats, and converts the mp3 files to AAC when you burn them (making the CD able to be played on regular CD Players).

I hope this helps :smiley:

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Yikes. Real Audio is Satan. Delete RealPlayer from your system immediately.

Gotta agree with Gurm…nothing but issues with Real… Ugh.

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Another person saying squash Real player. If you like it fine, but i’d try Winamp to play your music files, Cd-ex to convert files from one format to another or you could also use Exact Audio Copy, If you need some free burner software try Deep Burner To help with your problem, if you want burn cds its best that the songs be in wav format. so no matter what form they’re in while you’re listening to them in Real Player (ugh)they should be converted to wavs in order to burn.
I know you’re probably wondering what it is everyone has against RP;well the thing i hate is, i hate programs that try to take over all of your files. RP assumes you want it to play every type of multimedia file on your cpu, and i use all of these other programs (except Deep Burner, i have Nero) because they specialize in what they do plus they’re all free.

Hey thanks to all but it looks like i’m still not geting anyware cause i’m looking for somthing that’s free & what i’m doing is or trying to do is convert songs that i download from the internet from RM ,RAM to mp3 or wav but i can’t find a free converter evey thing is BUY BUY … SIKOONE i did go to the links u put and i do thank u for that … these programs will convert it from a cd wich in my case is internet…

I believe this dbPower Amp will do what you want. From what i’ve read its seems if you want to encode mp3s with it then you have to pay, other than that i think its free. There’s another reason why i hate RP, they use a special type of file to lock you into their player. After you convert all your files i hope you junk RP so you don’t have to go through all of this again, but again not wanting to seem self-righteous; if you like it stay with it.