Realplayer Errors; Lost Files

This deals with both downloading and burning software (combined), so I don’t know which thread it belongs in:

OK, they have this new comp of mine loaded with the latest (free) version of Realplayer. I tried YouTube Downloader, but what they have now is not what I used to use; it came with malware and errors. He removed that.

So far, it’s been ok, but now it is: a) loosing files b) having an error trying to read a file. It has only done each once, so far, but will it get worse? Perhaps I need a different downloader.

What do you guys think? Any one experience this? Bugs? Patches?


BTW, have you ever noticed how, if you have not purchased the Pro stuff, you simply don’t exist to them? The only form of support you can get is if you have paid them money, otherwise, you just are not there. That’s a pretty crappy policy, I say. -BUT- Since they have yet to master the basics, they certainly don’t deserve money for anything “advanced”. It’s usually a sure sign of corruption and/or incompetence when a company won’t stand behind it’s product (and the product is a piece of dung).


I found out one problem: some of the videos I get from Youtube come in MP4 instead of .flv. Now I find that neither windows media player nor realplayer can play them. Indeed, I have nothing on my machine yet that can play an MP4. I used to use (the old) YTD to play them with.

In the meantime, I still don’t know where that one file went. hmmm…


VLC will play the .mp4.
MPC-HC will too.
My Real Player will play it also.
WinAmp wouldn’t but I know it plays some .mp4s.
I just used one I had handy.

Your realplayer will? Maybe you have a plugin that doesn’t come with it to start with. Nothing is like what I am used to (as usual). They always change things, and usually for the worse.

Winamp doesn’t do video at all, does it? Regardless, I need to get it to see if it can ID that music I’m looking for. Just hope no more “cooties” get it. :disagree:


I’ve added plug-ins & made changes in Prefferences in Win Amp . I should have made notes but didn’t / So I don’t know if I could duplicate them/

With an .mp4 file it is still a flash video what will work most of the time is renaming the file extension. Just rename the .mp4 to .flv . This allowed the Oklahoma Weather - Oklahoma Sleet and Snow YouTube to play in WinAmp & WMP11 .

I haven’t updated the RealPlayer I have for a long time. I also have Real Alternative installed. If it helps the version I have is :

RealPlayer SP™ (win32)
Version 1.1.5
Helix Powered
Distribution: R51RR2

Neat trick, the renaming thing. I’ve done that with other files before. Forgot about it.