Realplayer audio file to cd?

:bow: is it possible to burn real player audio files to cd, to play it on a cd player? or should i convert it to something else? :o am new here .plz help

No and yes but I don’t know what’s the best app for converting to Audio CD format.

I use swift it’ll convert anything to anything and there is a 30 trial.

For the cd or dvd player to play the song it must be in wave or MP3.

If you are using Nero you can simply download the required RealMedia/RealAudio plugin and burn a regular audio CD compilation as you would with MP3 files.

Err…not all standalones can play mp3

thanks a lot … :slight_smile:

is switch the best software available to convert audio files? :confused:

You might try Streambox VCR - freeware that captures and converts streaming media. I’ve used it for years to get archived classic radio shows.