RealNetworks to Apple: Our music will run on your player now



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  Real is  supposed to make an announcement on Monday, declaring the  ability of their music to be played on an iPod. Apparenty, they have unlocked  some of the DRM technology behind the worlds...
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I will never understand how realnetworks even got this far. It’s one of those weirder tech companies that just won’t die.
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Real must die.


Let them entertain us. I bet Apple is pissed. I’d be. Like making a clone of IBM bios and saying it was not reversed engineered. Right…


Can’t Apple just release a firmware update after like 3 months, and screw over all the Real users?


Anything but MP3 is shit, don’t bother…


This is funny… If a simple person does the same for getting maximum compatibility and removing restrictions on his devices,it’s called “cracking” …if a big company does the same,it’s called “universal interoperability” What a joke…:B


There still breaking the law under the DCMA arn’t they? I can’t see Apple’s problem with FairPlay. Let them licence it and you can get the royalties from some one elses hard work. Seems simple to me…
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Yes, this is a violation of the DMCA. But more important is the fact that the CEO of RealNetworks is the single biggest individual political contributor this year, and his money is going directly to the co-sponsors of the INDUCE Act, Hillary Clinton, Tom Daschle, Barbara Boxer, and Patrick Leahy. Even if these guys ARE breaking DRM, it’s only to cover the fact that they’re also trying to steal your VCR.


i agree with above poster. how in the hell has real stayed in business all these years?


OK, kid, here is the deal (from

As you know, the RealNetworks music store sells songs in 192 kbps AAC (as opposed to iTMS at 128 kbps). When transferring your purchased songs to the iPod, the AAC itself is not touched, but the Helix DRM is transmuxed to the DRM used by the iPod, i.e. fully protected and without trans-coding. If you then transfer the file back to your PC (for instance with Anapod), you get an M4P file, that is a protected MPEG-4 AAC file.
You guy jumped into conclusion too soon. I dun like Real either but I have to admit that they’re becoming nicer than they used to be. They remove spyware from Real7/8, support Vorbis/Theora/Ogg, GPL’ed Helix Core Player,etc
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