RealNetworks invests in streaming music service

I just posted the article RealNetworks invests in streaming music service.

Legal music downloads services should become the future of the music industry, so they’re worth keeping an eye on for us burners. As maybe one day they will offer us services that beat file sharing…

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the prob is not the installation of real player. if you know how, you can install and configure it in such a way that it doesn’t disturb you at all. the real prob is that first, realone player needs ages to start and second, realmedia quality is not very good, at least it’s worse than wmv/wma. anyway, what do we care. we have fasttrack, right? What I like is this (quote from ‘RHAPSODY gives you unlimited access to the largest LEGAL collection of digital music’ At least they themselves recognise that it’s only largest among the legal ones :4 But why limit oneself in such a way? let’s go for the really largest one! Kazaa, here I come…

:slight_smile: Well put WRFan well put!:4