RealNetworks Intros RealSystem iQ

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RealNetworks, maker of the well-known RealPlayer system for Internet media has introduced a new system, dubbed RealSystem iQ, hot on the heels of the Windows Media Bonus…

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Anyone know any good software for allowing remote control over any computer from anywhere? Not PcAnywhere or anything like that because for that to work I’d have to install software on the computer I was at so basically it doesn’t work from any computer anywhere.

So far I know about VNC which is the only one I know of. Any other suggestions??

try BO2K…This is great software with great plugins and open source…But very powerful

I’ve seen people use VNC, looks pretty neat. A bit on the slow side (client side, even using the compressing version) tho, they were on ADSL. I’d probably get pretty fugly over a telephone line.

VNC works ok for an interface. You can access the server via http too so there is that added bonus.