REALmagic Hollywood +



I had some problems with windows so I had to reïnstall it!
But now with my ‘REALmagic Hollywood +’ card I can’t use the TV-out anymore! The button where used that used to be: ‘TV/monitor’ (or something like that!) now is ‘full screen’ or not!
How the F*CK is this possible?! I tried a new installation of the card (also windows again!), but nothing helped!
I hope someone can help!


goto options dialog==>settings==>configure==>advanced ==> video output



There is no video-output section there! Just border…, color… and manual… settings! And… there is an expert section but I can’t go there??? I did use the video-out on time but it was a while ago!
Hope someone knows the solution!


have u read the readme file from the driver for h+ u have to edit something in your registry