RealMagic Hollywood+ & Dolby Digital

I’m trying to get proper 5.1 sound from DVDs with my setup:

RealMagic Hollywood+
Creative Audigy Player
Philips 5.1 Speakers

Anyone got any information or ideas?

The hollywood plus should have s/p dif out.

Hook that up to the SB audigy. Not sure how (where to get the the cords and stuff), but the Audigy has S/Pdif in.

Nuff said.

Thats my current thinking.

But how? Presumable need an spdif to RCA connector. One end on the H+, where do I shove the spdif end?

Tried the CD digital in. No result.

I can’t afford to buy the Audigy drive, which would be the really easy option :frowning: