Really weird re-boot problem

I am suffering a very strange re-boot problem with Win XP Pro and CloneDVD/AnyDVD. Let me list my sys specs first:

P4 2.4C at spec
IS7 mobo
GF2 MX400 vid card
2 x 512MB Mushkin PC3200 promo build
Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 40GB HD
Lite-On LTC-48161H combo drive
Pioneer A06 drive

Any time I start ripping and transcoding a DVD title with CloneDVD, it will reboot at random times. Sometimes I can get 10%-15% into the process, other times it will reboot past 50%. It always reboots, though. I have never successfully copied a DVD with Win XP Pro.

Here is the really weird part. I have never had a failure with Windows 2000 Pro. I have two identical Barracuda 7200.7’s, so I loaded one up with Win 2k and the other with Win XP Pro SP1. My process is identical, load the OS, then SP4 for Win 2k, then chipset driver, then DX9, then vid card driver, then LAN driver, then audio driver, then CloneDVD, then AnyDVD, then Nero6, all in that precise order. There is not a lot of fat on these installs. It’s enough to get me running and copying DVD’s.

Under Win 2k, CloneDVD/AnyDVD works perfectly. I read with the Lite-On and burn with the Pioneer. I’ve never had a bad copy and life is fine.

Under Win XP Pro, I always get a random re-boot. It has never worked for me at all. It makes no difference if the OS is activated or not, still re-boots either way.

I’ve spent days swapping hardware and troubleshooting it down to the OS. I even thought that the HT enabled CPU was the problem , but switching to a mundane 2.0A P4 gave the same results.

I am open to suggestions or ideas, I’d like to use XP Pro, but will stick with 2k Pro if I have to.

sounds like a driver issue to me. have you tried different versions of IDE drivers?

Yes, tried standard MS IDE drivers and Intel IDE drivers, no difference, acts the same way. Win 2k OK, XP Pro no go.

Well,just read this thread here and checked “SafeMode” in AnyDVD. It worked like a charm, and rips about twice as fast to boot. XP Pro is now running smoothly, and I can’t believe 2-3 weeks of hassles came down to one check box. I am chagrined.