Really weird protection

I have windows XP professional and want to make a backup. Before i decided to burn it i decided to scan it with ARAY to see iigf needed to use any specific settings with alcohol. I got this really wierd safedisk number. Could anyone tell me anything about this.


hmmm… safedisc 0.19, have you tried scanning with a-ray 2? looks like a bug in a-ray as i dont think i have ever seen safedisc 0.19

Ok let u know the results… :iagree:

cool :), has this verion got any service packs on the cd?

It has SP2, just scanned it sith ARAY2. Starforce detected. Never dealt with this one. Help?

hmmmm… starforce wtf? n e way just scanned my oem version of xp pro (no service pack) with aray 1 and 2, got this.

niether picked it up as anything, ill just scan my XP Service Pack 2 CD

hmmm… safe as you got, it is definatly Service Pack 2… so i would trust A-Ray over A-Ray, so i would guess StarForce :slight_smile:

ben :slight_smile:

Edit: ok, i currently am not using Service pack 2, but sevice pack 1 on my main pc, so i did a search for ntdll.dll, it came up with a few, so i scanned them and nothing was found, so i am sure that this is a Service Pack 2 protection. i will go and get a few other protection scanners and see what they say :slight_smile:

WINXP SP2 is not protected ;), like all Windows Service Packs and OS! Probably it’s an aray bug.

I have fixed this ‘sf’ bug. New version should be ok. But I don’t understand that SafeDisc :confused:

i think it was a bug with a very early version, probibly when you fixed a bug with something else it changed it to StarForce.

ben :slight_smile:

ps. have you any idea when A-Ray (i presume it will be called that) will be out?


No fucking way!!

why not starforce and microsoft?

because if microsoft thought starforce worthwhile, they’d own the company by now

all the games i have scanned that are made by microsoft have used safedisc, but microsoft dont own safedisc do they?

ben :slight_smile:

Microsoft’s Games Studio have just recently switched to Smarte as their protection. Before, they were mainly using SafeDisc on most of theif game products.

Smarte is a lot easier than SafeDisc, lol SafeDisc 1 is probably harder to copy than Smarte. But Starforce and Microsoft i just cant understand, why? Like Starforce are only a small company but then again, rumor has it that MS worked hand in hand with Starforce to ensure compatibility with Windows, this could be part of the deal…

The ntdll.dll is not StarForce protected. R!Co and I have got it ironed out.


You don’t really know anything about the technical sides of these protections, so please stop spamming this forum when you don’t know what you are talking about.

He isn’t ‘spamming’. Everybody has thier own say. And a keyword in his post was ‘probably’.

And it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t know the technical side of it; he is posting that based on his own experience.

cool, so it was just a bug saying it was? if so is it protected by anything?

i have never tried smarte, so cant comment on if it is hard to beat, however looking at there website they are based where da_taxman comes from, and seem arogant about there protection being unbreakable*. anyway, does anybody know of a game protected by smarte so i can buy it and have a go at copying it? thanks,

ben :slight_smile:

ps kitna and mertur02 please dont have anouther argument here, last time you argued the thread got closed :sad:, why not start up a “kitna and merthur02 argument” thread in the living room? :stuck_out_tongue:

*not as bad as some copy protection makers though, im looking at you SecuRom