Really Weird Problem



This is my Set-up:

Primary Master - Harddrive
Secondary Master - NEC 2500a

RAID Controller Primary Master - Lite-on Writer
RAID Controller Secondary Master - DVD ROM

When i put any CD or DVD in ANY drive and go to MY COMPUTER it does not show up.

Eg: I put Halo in my DVD ROM/NEC/Writer and in MY COMPUTER it just stays like DVD ROM/NEC/Writer and the Symbol of the drive doesn’t change to a CD and say for example D:HALO but here is the catch when i double click the drive the CD or DVD is in i can see the contents of the CD or DVD. If i go to POWERDVD it plays the DVD fine :eek: and when i go to select drive with POWERDVD i can see the title of the DVD for example D:/RED_HOT_CHILI_PEPPERS unlike when i use windows explorer.

When i put a game CD in and launch the game it reads the CD fine and lets me play the Game.

The annoying part of this is when i put say HALO in a drive, HALO does not Autorun and pop-up its menu eg:install, play,settings,quit,etc.

Also I can copy cd’s fine.

All i want is windows explorer to recognise the CD/DVD when i put it in.

Thanks, i hpe i find a solution.



If i right click>Properties one of my drives and then go to hardware and go to one of my drives properties again and go to volumes everything is empty and every thing has a - next yo it (see pic attached). But if i click populate all the info of the DVD appears. If then click OK and go back to volumes, everything is empty again.

Before Populate:


After Populate:


If you move these drives off the RAID controller, will things work properly? Usually raid controllers support hard disks only, especially the newer ones.



Tried that. Remember my NEC which is on the Normal Secondary master does have the same problem :frowning: . I have tried disconnecting all the drives apart from my DVD-ROM which went on the Normal Secondary master. Still didn’t work.



No ideas? I guess i’ll email microsoft. I tell you what they have to say.