Really weird Maddog 2510 problems

So my dad needed an external dvd drive a while ago and with a few rebates got one of the nec 2510 based maddog drives.

he got some ritek g05’s and nero wouldnt let him burn it at 8x, only at 4x. i hadnt gotten around to his place to play around with it, but today he called me up saying that he had his laptop on and was using photoshop, and he had his usb harddrive (actually plugged into the firewire port too, which may be the problem; he’s telling me this as i type…) and his maddog drive w/ usb connected and went to go burn a dvd, and it didnt appear in the drop down list in nero. so he turned off the drive and unplugged it, and turned it back on. it didnt appear, nor in my computer. so he rebooted and his laptop wouldnt boot. after a bit of experimenting he foudn that his pc wouldnt boot unless the drive wasnt connected.

i told him to try and plug it in after windows boots, and to also not have his harddrive connected w/ usb & firewire at the same time. but other than that, do u guys have any ideas? he hasnt flashed anything–its all stock stuff.

i did read some post about people using their 3500 w/ an enclosure and burning with some unofficial firmware to push their taiyo yudens (i think) to 12x (i think) and it worked for their internal drive, but not for their identical drive in some enclosure. it came down to that their enclosure chipset capped it somehow.

i dont think that’s the reason here tho, cuz the maddog drive is manufactured to work w/ that enclosure (yes?).

so any got an idea? thanks


if the computer won’t boot with the drive connected i would guess there is a controller problem either on the puter or on the drive. easy way to test is to connect the drive to another computer and see what happens with that computer