"really weird" dvd problem!

1-my video file work on my computer perfectly
2-i burn the video file in a dvd+r
3-the dvd work fine on the computer like before burning
4-i played it on the dvd player and the movie stop in the half of the movie
5-i burned 2 other movie and he do the same thing.(always stop in the same place)
6-but the quality is reallly nice!! so wath the problem???

Maybe bad media.

Either bad media, or bad encoding. Post your media id, and tell us your process for creating the dvd in question. Run Nero CDSPEED disk quality scan on the dvd, and post the results here.

the movie type is AVI and we can see a DVIX sign below the screen(and vanished after)
(my dvd-r is a fujifilm)

you need to run CDSPEED disk quality scan on one of the actual dvd’s you are having problems with. Make sure you set the speed for the scan to 5 or 6x (not max). Post the results here. Then we will no the actual media code for your media (as fujifilm can be a few different media’s), and we can see if there is an actual problem with your burns or media…

In post #1 you said it’s DVD+R.

ok i will do the scan
PS: yes, it’s a dvd+R sorry for the error

General Information
Firmware: UYS3
Disc: DVD+R (RITEK R03)
Selected speed: 6 X
PI errors
Maximum: 652
Average: 257.49
Total: 3149358
PI failures
Maximum: 84
Average: 5.01
Total: 177308
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scanning Statistics
Elapsed time: 10:32
Number of samples: 92368
Average scanning interval: 1.16 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

ok so? wath do you think?

Try convertxtodvd - I use this all the time and bar a slight blip when chapter changes movie plays perfectly . Try clicking here http://www.vso-software.fr/


Might be better if you posted a picture of that scan :wink:

yes ,i already used this thing (convertxdvd) but you can’t burn the dvd file after

My dvd players hate +r’s. Are you sure yours likes them? Give a -R a try!

On mine it gives u the option to burn the dvd after u have encoded the file - if it doesnt (or one of the kids has cancelled the option) launch your regular dvd burning app e.g nero click to add files click my documents / convertxtodvd/ double click file u want to add / click fnish once it has added and just burn as normal.

If you hve probs with this post back and we will sort it out


all ok, it just stop in the middle in certain dvd player, but work on two other dvd player

the movie is 2:04:29 hours but the movie stop in 00:55:52 …and when i play it in the two dvd who’s work,you can see a frame skip

ru still online & we can IM if u wish. Incidentally how large is the file created for the whole movie?

I have a problem with Sony DW-U18A. I can’t burn Mp3’s with it. Anyone have any ideas?

You bought ritek… there crap… i have had to start replacingn all my backups becuse my ritek have failed. Buy some tfk, verbitam, or ty media.

Please post more info first.