Really Weird Drive Problem

My friend just had a problem with both of his drives disappearing in explorer. They were not showing up in device manager either. I noticed his PC was taking a rather long time loading windows and the DVD-RW drive was locked while this was happening. I unplugged the drive and Windows started up normally and reinstalled the CD-ROM drive. I don’t know why the drives were uninstalled to begin with. What’s really strange is that when I looked in the device manager, the drive name wasn’t right. it was something like this


Every other character was an @ symbol. I then shut down and unplugged the CD-ROM and plugged the DVD-RW back in. Windows started up fine again but it was the same as with the CD-ROM. It detected and installed the drive but the name was exactly like the other drive. I shut down again and plugged both drives in and windows took a long time to startup again.

I can’t believe both drive would have been corrupted at exactly the same time. I’m going to try plugging in another drive tomorrow but I was just wondering if there is some sort of virus/hack that would do this to all of your CD/DVD drives. I’ve never heard of one before but I guess it would be possible.

Bad IDE cable?

I’d say you’re spot on, I had this problem (except the funny drive names were at POST, not in Windows) years back. :iagree: