Really STUPID Question .. REALLY!



I have a fantastic DVD music collection and all I want to do is copy certain songs from certain DVD’s onto one DVD!!! How hard can it get ??

I haven’t done alot of research because I really don’t have the time but I would love to have alllll my favourite music videos on just one DVD!

Please, anybody … Can you help ??? :bow: :bow:

I would really appreciate it …

and hey, I’m sorry it it’s an idiotic question :o


If you have windows media player just use that and rip the songs you want by select them in the rip music selection option page


No, your question is not an ideotic, just a lazy one…as you expext someone to do the job for you (relative value of time? - difficult to assess).
At the end…you can get an indication about tools to be used but you will remain with your problem: to get someone to compile your valuable clips for you, as it is time consuming you may come to the starting point…you have not the time.


[B]HEAVY DUTY[/B] :bigsmile:


Hey guys, go easy. Not all of us even know what key words to use to find help and you know full well that there are virtually no owner’s manuals provided anymore, especially from Microsoft.

Give the newbies a break or they won’t come back.

And, [B]hey!, [/B] welcome to the forum.


I agree. I’ve used the search function and at times and had to finally ask for help. I always thought what a forum is for is to give help. If you got enough time to sit on here and critisize someone you got enough time to help, IMHO. I know a lot of what I’ve learned has come from interaction with other members. Lazy can go both ways for some.


Hi [B]hey![/B]
Are you talking about Video music file or just music like on CD. You will have to get content of the DVD to your HD first. If it is a video use RipIt4Me to get it on your drive. Than there is a few software you can use to edit each DVD content. I use TmpegEnc-Xpress to do editing.
There you can cut out what you do not want and export it in Mpeg2 DVD format.
You will need burning software to make your DVD, because this one does not burn.
For that you can use NERO, Roxio, ImgBurn or any other which came with your DVD burner.
Good think in TMPEG is that you can import all your DVD’s at once, cut them and export to one file. TMPEG will compress them to fit on DVD.
If your original DVD are home made you can use TMPEG to copy them to your HD.
I am sure there will be more suggestions coming so you can choose.


WOW! I certainly didn’t expect a reply like that! Thanks guys for your expertise.

Can I just clarify something with one of your so-called ‘Senior Members’.

When googling my stupid question, I got over 900000 results! who the hell has the time to research that? Your forum happened to be nearly at the top of the list so after spending a little bit of time having a look at this program and that program and still not knowing if any of these were ligitimate I decided to jump on this forum and ask the stupid question - more to see what programs the people who actually know what they’re talking about use.

Isn’t that what forums are for??? so you don’t have to spend valuable time researching things that have already been researched a 1000 times before?? and to ask the questions that everyone else knows without having to read through pages of material??

For a senior member to write such a belittling reply makes me absolutely :a :a

Next time you need a question answered ‘Senior Member’ - make sure you don’t ask anyone else for help! because obviously you have all the time in the world to research it yourself! which to me sounds like a person without a braincell!

Thanks again to the people who gave me a helpful reply - I’ll definitely be looking into it and I appreciate the time I’ve saved so far. :flower:


Did you try Windows Media Player like i said in my reply to you :confused:
I’m sorry about the remark “HEAVY DUTY” that was not meant toward you OK, it was meant for some else because I could not believe what was said OK.
some members can be jerks and very rude, don’t let it get to you OK this forum is one of the best forum around.
Anyway have you tried WMP :confused: I extract a lot of songs so I can put them on my MP3 player and it does ok for what I need



If you have, Nero 6 or seven open the Nero Burning ROM module click on new Compilation. From right side of that window open any of your Music DVD (like opening a Directory) select the music file from that DVD, drag it to the left hand side, and drop it there. Do the same for as many as file and DVD you want after completion of selection click on burn and you then created selected music DVD of your choice.


Hi Tim,

Yes, Media Player was the first thing I tried, it does have audio (like a cd) but I’m after copying a full dvd music video (meaning just one song). I tried and it won’t let me do it, only the audio. I also have ‘Sonic’ on my computer which is great for writing audio to cd. I’ve made another post earlier in the day and I’ve searched this forum quite thoroughly but I just can’t find the correct program. Other members are looking for exactly the same thing and can’t seem to find a straight answer either so I’m starting to think that it’s just a little too hard for just a couple of songs. Who knows - perhaps in a month or two someone might just make that user friendly program.

Thanks Tim, for your reply - and my comments werent directed at you at all. Okay - maybe the face did piss me a little but my comments were directed elsewhere.


TCAS, is it that easy??? I’ve seriously downloaded that many programs and removed them - I’m surprised my computer hasn’t had a nervous breakdown yet …

So obviously this includes copywrite DVD’s??

I’ll definitely check into that one too - Thanks x


Ok, I really think I owe an aopology to you hey.
I must confess it wasn’t my day and I post a reply because I didn’t consider as necessary to you to qualify your question as a stupid one, the rest just came out in such a rude way, sorry.


Agomes, thank you for that …

It’s just that I have 2 yr old twin boys, I’m juggling a part time job and going to College at the same time, in between housework, dinner and looking after my boys (which is obviously my first priority) all without childcare, I am damn short of time! My boys listen to a cd which I’ve compiled for one hour during the day (gives me a little time to study) and after playing one of those songs on the DVD player some time ago and seeing their awed little faces I thought it would be great to compile all of the songs they listen to onto a DVD so they can see who actually sings them …

Never mind, I suppose it’s just human nature to judge by what’s seen and written (hastily I agree).

Please, just don’t judge unless you know exactly what’s going on … atleast that’s one little thing that I’ve learnt.

Thanks again …


If it is copywrited DVD, Nero will not do much for you. You have to use ripper first.
Like I said for DVD video RipIt4Me does supper job.


Hi, Thks for your understantding Hey
For the purpose you’re looking for, it seems a compilation of music video clips taken from DVD video with musical contents.
For that and supposing your local law allows you to do that (as you own the originals), you need:

  1. for the copyright protected stuff - decrypt the discs
    Old DVD Decrypter used to do that, now there are othe pieces of software like DVD Fab (I guess there is a free version)
    • once the contents unblocked, you need to edit the video files to cut and keep the parts you want to be in the compilation
    • author a DVD with the selected video clips, where you can mark chapters and have menus.

A good source for that is where you can look at the left green side How to section, where there are a lot of guides (about editing, authoring, etc).
If you look above, CDuncle gave you some usefull indications about this, and indicates RipIt4Me for the initial steps.
I don’t know how it works, as my video experiencies are basicaly about capturing from camera/editing/authoring.
But maybe there are people around that may give you simpler ways.


Agomes, thank you! Obviously there are quite a few steps which I wll definitely be looking into, I’ve had a good look at RipIt4me - the troubleshooting within that program does concern me a little, there seems to be still a few bugs according to the forum - I did actually download it and had minor problems which I’m sure won’t take that much to be fixed …

We’ll see how it goes, I’ll just try and take it step by step and see what happens …

Thanks again!

oh - by the way my name is Jana - Hey! was the only username I could come up with quickly :slight_smile: DUH lol