Really Stuck

I had a nec burner and i had burned succesfully 5 DL discs until one day it decided to stop burning DL disks by stopping at 50% with a write error. After 5 non succesfull writings i decided to change burners since i thought it was his time (SL disks were not affected though). Anyway i went on and buyed a liteon DW1650 which after careful research i found out that it is indeed a phillips 8081 equivelant to a benq 1650 and also i got headache until i managed to figure this out since it is sold as a liteon and the only place that is declared is the shop that sells it and nowhere else. Even liteon will say that they never produced a model like this.
Anyway I installed the new drive and AGAIN non succesfull. Okay i say then it must be the software. I try 3 different softwares with no success. Okay then it must be something f***ed in the windows system or in my hardware configuration. So i try the drive to another computer and suprise the same result. I changed 3 different companies of DVD disks RICOH, TAYO and another i am forgeting now.
Anyway the problem still persists and the only thing i haven’t tried is switching to verbatims which are the most expensive discs around.
I would like any information that someone has on this affair
Thanks for your time in reading this. :sad:

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Verbatim +R DL media is really the only one that you can be certain of. In the long run it’s probably more economical to use these rather than buy cheaper & waste maybe 50%.