Really Strange Problems

When I first got my NEC ND-3550A drive, I got Quality Scores of 95 or so. Now, every time I burn a disk, I get results like the attached screen capture. The strange thing is that I am getting similar results on my Sony drive on another computer. The results are the same with three different brands of DVD-R disks. Assuming for the moment that the problem is not the disks, and I don’t know if that is a valid assumption, what could the problem be? I’ve tried burning fro 2X to 8X, and the results are the same.

Try scanning your discs at a more sensible speed like 5x or 8x and see how that looks.

It’s only slightly improved at those speeds. I notice that you have a Lite-On 1635S. Is that a good drive? They’re on sale near here, so I’m probably getting ready to go buy one. This NEC nonsense is crazy. Since the problems increase geometrically at the end of the disk, it appears that the drive is not tracking correctly. Then again, I’m clueless as to what CD-DVD Speed is testing.

I’ve only had the LiteOn 1635S since yesterday, and I have only had my new NEC 4551A for two days, so I’m not yet ready to say how good either of those are yet. :wink:

You mention that you are burning at between 2x and 8x speed with your media. I don’t know which media you have besides CMC MAG AE1, but burning at the slowest speeds isn’t necessarily a good idea for high-speed media, so if you have 16x media try burning it at 12x which is usually the sweet-spot for 16x certified media on 16x burners.

I just got the Lite-On, too, and it definitely reads better than the NEC, althogh I’m told that the bad readings do not mean that the drive is writing poorly. However, tests of those same disks on the Sony drive and now on the Lite-On drive indicate that the writes are bad. I still have a lot of testing to do. The Lite-On drive looked like it had been opened, so I’m skeptical there, too. Also, I put two disks in it, and it didn’t recognize them. When I rebooted, the problem went away. If it happens again, the drive goes back to the store.

Should I flash the firmware? The version in it is something ending in 5. The latest revisions are much higher.

burn at 12X max and post!

Also, I burn my CMC at 8X in the 4550! I have heard that CMC at 12X in the 1640 will burn even better!
PS! That media is rated at 8X. BTW

Odd that you are having trouble on more than one box!
Could be software!

Just to follow up, I tried ripping “Minority Report” with the Lite-On drive, and it would not rip it. The NEC drive went through it like butter. In fact, when I watched the movie, the ORIGINAL disk froze and would not play, so I finished watching the movie from the test DVD-RW I made from that same original disk on the NEC. Very strange.

Questions about whether to flash a LiteOn drive to new firmware should be asked over in the LiteOn forum if you want the best answers! :wink:

In my opinion you should definitely upgrade your Liteon SHW-1635S to a newer firmware, the latest being YS0V: LiteOn Firmware Download page.

I agree, but the primary purpose of the post was to finally say something good about the NEC drive. The Lite-On is going back to the store. Since the NEC has problems reading disks according to CD-DVD Speed, I’m at a loss as to what to buy next. I’m keeping the NEC, but I will have to learn what limited needs it can meet. If I burn a disk on it other than TY, I get Quality Scores from 0 to 40. Some say not to worry what Nero says, but that is really hard to do when I am trying to archive disks that I want to save for a while.

Backing up Hitchhickers Guide to see what it looks like at 8X CMC on the 3550!
Most of us do not use NECs for scanning! But I will to see if I can duplicate the results!

The 1655 and A10/110/1608P2 are great readers. So far my 4550 is a good reader!

The +R CMC does better with burns than the -R! Very common problem with the -R CMC!

That is amazing that you got a 97 on a CMC disk in an NEC drive. So are the 4550 and the 3550 that different? Should I consider a 4550 as my Lite-On replacement?

Same exact drive with FW enabling RAM! Writting strategies are the same for +R-R! Is there a new FW for your 3550? Check Liggy and Dees site and update your FW!

PS/ I got a 99 on my 1640 with +R CMC!

I hear a lot of good things about the 1640s. Maybe I should consider one of those. How does one compare with the NEC 3550A?

The firmware in my 3550A is 1.05. Since I’m not sure if the drive is defective, I have refrained from flashing the firmward to a non-manufacturer’s version.

1655,1640,3550,4550,A10,110,1608P2, 1693, P6 all need to be on your final list!