Really strange problem

I have one Princo DVD (4X), some movies written on it, and a Pioneer DVR 109 DVD burner.

When i instert a cd, it makes a very frightening noise, like the cd is not placed well in the burner, but it is…
Ofcourse, i can’t acces the files on cd.

So, can anyone explain what is the problem?
I mean, i have deald with damaged cd’s and DVD’s before, and usually my computer freezes until i eject the cd, or simply won’t play and this i have never seen before. And it only happens with this one DVD.

I think that the disc is ruined and then unreadable.

Princo is well known to produce very low quality discs. Try to read the disc with another drive to see if files are still recoverable.

But why is it making so much noise… That’s what is bothering me…
I mean, i had other ruined disks, but…

Usually these noises are due to the optical pickup trying to read the TOC of the disc. If the drive is not able to retrieve information from the disc, a certain number of retry is done, until the disc can be read or the firmware says to the drive to give up and consider the disc as damaged.

Yup, like geno said.

Kick this media in the trash, to do yourself and your drive a favour.

Don’t buy Princo crap media.