Really slow DVD burn time using NEC 2500A

Firstly please excuse me If I appear somewhat slow in understanding I am new to this game (it took me 15 minutes to work out how to use this site, no really it did). :confused: :o :sad: :a

I have an emachines 2.8ghz P4, 1gb Ram, 80ghd with an NEC DVD +- RW 8x. I am trying to burn some home dv to dvd using ULEAD Video studio 9. The problem is it is taking 18hours to burn a 4gb video (approx 1hour).

I have previously used a combination of Windows Media for editing and X-OOM videos on DVD for burning. Using this combo the burn time was no where near as long. (only changed because of the limited titles option in edit mode).

I have noticed also that on playback using my PC both DVD and cd sound is distorted. Is the drive shagged?

Please put me out of my misery.

Surely you have to enable DMA for all drives first.

Chef, Thanks for your reply.

Can you however explain what enabling DMA is?



Sorry mate have already done this and disabled write behind caching and increased paging file size.

Maybe you should try with another burning app.

I’m assuming you really mean 18 hours to convert the movie to DVD format & then burn.

I’d suggest a good defrag of your hard drive would help as nothing should take that long.

If Ulead allows for the creation of an image file , it might offer Image Recorder as the option, then I’d take that and create an ISO image which I’d then burn with ImgBurn.

By splitting the two functions and creating an image you get the choice of burning apps & if the burn fails you don’t have to go back & reconvert. Burning should take less than 12mins so if it takes longer you’ve got a burning problem.

to see if you have a problem with creating you could do a nero cd/dvd speed transfer rate and burst rate tests those will tell if you are on DMA

you can also use it to create a disc or burn an iso so we can see the burning speed