REALLY SLOW burning speed

I have a Lite-ON SOHW-1693S DVD Burner and some Memorex 16x DVD-R Discs, and when I burn anything at any speed, it always ends up taking about 45-60 mins for a full DVD. Could someone please help me?

Welcome to the forum. Your problem might be that dma is not enabled. Here is an explanation:
Also I would recommend not spending any more money on Memorex, it is a bit of a crapshoot. Stick with Verbatim, Sony, or media made in Japan.

I tried uninstalling and changing to DMA but it always stays in PIO, it won’t change!

This might be a basic question, but you are restarting the pc after uninstalling right? That is neccessary. I also found this thread, but I have always been successful with deleting or uninstalling the channel, but you might want to give this a read:
Otherwise give it a bit of time, and someone will offer more help.

Check these first:

  1. Make sure your writer is in DMA position if in PIO return it to DMA.
  2. Try to defrag your hard dive
  3. make sure you have always at least twice of DVD movie size you are trying to burn free space in your hard drive.