Really poor image quality on movie after using Nero

Hey all!

I recently purchased a Sony DVD R/RW drive, and it came packaged with Nero. I burnt my demo reel to DVD and then played it back on my computer. The menu looks great, but when the video itself starts playing, the image quality is CRAP. It’s so blurry and pixelated that I can’t even read my own name, which is no good when you’re applying for a job! I thought I set all of the preferences to “High Quality,” but maybe there’s something I missed? If any of you could help, that would be great…I sent an email to their Tech. Support, but I have a feeling that it will be a long time before I hear back from them.

Thanks in advance!

What was the source? A capture from film/camcorder? Provide some details - video and audio formats, resolution, bitrate etc. What exact video and audio settings did you use in Nero?

I could offhand suggest you go with AC3 audio track instead of LPCM. That will provide an ~1Mbps boost to the video bitrate and solve your problem, if that’s what it is.

The video is a Quicktime movie (with High Quality turned on) that was rendered out of Final Cut Pro. It contains a series of cg video clips that were rendered out of Alias Maya 6.0 and one audio clip that was in .aif format.

As far as Nero itself goes, I used NeroVision Express 3, as that’s the default Nero program that came up for me and I’ve never used Nero before. Under the Video Options --> Transcoding Quality tab, I set Quality Setting to High Quality, Sample Format to Automatic, and Encoding Mode to High Quality. This automatically set a bit rate of 9716 kbit/s. The Audio Format was automatically set to AC-3.

My guess is Nero does not transcode Quicktime properly then. Can you try rendering in uncompressed RGB AVI format?

I’ll give that a shot here within the next hour and let you know the results. Thanks for the advice.


You are the king! lol I re-edited the movie and rendered out as .avi, and it looks crystal clear now after the re-burn using the same Nero settings. Thanks a TON!


You’re welcome mairjfan1.