Really odd beta jitter tests results

just thought i would start this in a seperate thread to see what people think.
Are these results normal?

plextor px716a
verbatim discs

16x burn and 4x burn

I believe you posted previously, rjx… yes, here (

I’ll repost the comment I added here, but please review my entire post again from that thread. :wink:

“Actually, when I look at jitter again, that is normal jitter pattern for a y000-t02-00 burn on a 716a. I know what to try: change your range on the graph to +0.5 and -0.5 and your beta reading might flatten out. Right now, it’s set so narrow that it will make it look bigger than it is, if I’m reading this right.”

Rerun the beta/jitter scan, as your beta result is ‘stretched’ up and down more because of the shorter interval. Reset the interval in the ‘preferences’ by changing it to +0.5 and -0.5, which is the standard interval posted on other burn graphs. I have a feeling when you adjust that, your beta result will turn out looking the same as others have had with the same burner. :wink:

also, another good idea is to include the media ID of your Verbatim disk: put the rated speed and the type (e.g., DVD+R, 8x); you can find that out in Plextools by inserting a blank DVD or a burned DVD. Here’s a pic for that, and one for how your beta/jitter test grid should look when it’s properly set. :wink: Notice that I see the booktype (DVD-R) of the DVD blank, and the mid (Ritek G05). :wink:

ok here a post of my media ID im using verbatium16x Also i redid as you suggested and now the beta line is somewhat beter. How does the graph look to you now? is it normal burns? Btw i did a diagnostic test and it worked fine.

The beta now looks quite normal and is ‘in line’ with most other beta readings I’ve seen.

That means your using Verbatim 16x DVD+R and the mid is MCC004. I want to say that I believe i’ve seen a few other users say they get their best burns with this media at 12x, but I’ll have to search the threads and see if anything stands out…, especially if I can find some jitter readings matching this MCC004. I know scans have been done with it, but I don’t remember offhand in which thread they were…

Here’s one link to check:

I’ll post more if I can find them

Here’s one more, and it uses scans from a 716 fw 1.04 burn (MCC004 @ 12x). It is a different fw version (earlier) than 1.08, but the results might indicate you’ll get better results with the MCC004 burned at 12x. :wink:

thx so very much Quema34 i feel much better now. When i was looking in the plextor manual it shows a basically straight line. One question i have now is some one of those links his burns showed very good to excellent wonder why im only getting good.

Thx for the help

Well, that’s exactly why I said that hopefully one of those users I mentioned might stop by here and look at them, as they as far more experienced than I and can suggest other possibilities. I can tell you this: when I burn a DVD, I don’t have any unnecessary programs running in the background. That means I only have on what’s necessary to leave my system operating while the DVD is burning. I shut down my antivirus program and anything else open on my desktop or in the task bar at the bottom. After that, I start the burn process, then leave my computer alone. That might be something you can try and see if your burn quality improves. Some people report no quality problems ‘multi-tasking’ while burning a DVD, but I’m not one of them–I shut down everything I don’t need running before I burn a DVD, and leave the computer to just burn the DVD. Then when it’s finished, I’ll open any programs again that I need.

Also, remember the graphs they show you in the Plextor manual are for illustration purposes only. Notice they do not tell you what media at what write speed produced that burn. Any company’s job is to sell, so it will naturally put one of the best burns it can find in there. :rolleyes:

PlexTools Jitter Test von CDs seems to be b0rked. However, i haven’t seen such weird results on DVDs yet.

And, as you can see in the screenshot, PxView 1.11.3 is not yet ready for release either :stuck_out_tongue: