*Really* newbie question: +R or -R? ISO or UDF?


I’m very new to DVD burning, and have a completely fundamental question which I cannot find the answer to anywhere here - probably because it’s so elementary.

I want to make bog-standard data format DVDs that contain ordinary computer files, and want them to be readable in as many DVD-ROM drives as possible. After reading around, I think I should use DVD-R rather than DVD+R, and UDF is preferable to ISO. But nowhere can I see this confirmed in black and white. Can anyone point me at a basic FAQ that discusses the various DVD formats and when they should be used?



Thanks for the URL.

So to summarise, if I want to write data DVDs that can be read on PC DVD-ROM drives, I should use UDF, and there’s not a lot to choose between DVD-R and DVD+R, right? As far as I can see, the only advantage to DVD-R is that it’s compatible with a greater number of DVD Video players, yes?

I only use UDF when the files i burn are too large for an ISO file system, for normal files use ISO :wink:

That’s correct, you’re a very quick laerner. :slight_smile:

If your burner supports bitsetting, the DVD+R booktype can be changed to DVD-ROM making them at least as compatible as DVD-R.