Really need some help!

just did the restore cd for my comp
now win98 doesnt recognize my plextor 24/10/40A as anything but a cd-rom
ive been able to fool nero into burning a cd
but clone nor cdrwin recognize the burner

any suggestions?

Make sure that the ASPI layer is properly installed. Go to cyrus-troy Downloads and download the ASPI Check and Force ASPI programs.

Run ASPI Check to see if the installation is properly installed and is version 4.60 (1021). If this is not the case, unzip (extract) ForceASPI, read the Index.htm file carefully, and run the program. ForceASPI will repair and properly install the current ASPI layer.

Reboot, run ASPI Check again, and if correct, burn away. :slight_smile:

ok it does say 4.60 1021, im guessing that this has something to to do with having XP on here, then reformatting and going back to 98…it worked fine until this :confused: any more ideas how to get this right?

If you reformatted, there would be no trace of WinXP on your system and it can’t possibly be involved in your problem.

How old was your restore disc? Are you using up to date versions of CloneCD and CDRWIN that support the Plextor?

What do you mean “fool Nero into burning a CD”? Does Nero recognize the drive or not? What version of Nero are you using?

Clone CD
CDRWin 4.0a

now the firmware is showing 1.04 for the plex
when i fire up nero it shows the plex as cd rom
but i did manage to use copycd in nero and it copied successfully
so i am really perplexed

Try reinstalling the Plextor. Go to Device Manager and remove the Plextor and reboot. It will be redetected on startup and hopefully then may be recognized by the burning software.

Your problem still has the symptoms of an ASPI problem.