Really Need HELP With This One //

Hey Guys,
I’m buying a new Desktop and I have the choice of Getting Xp Home,
XP Professional, or Vista Home Basic.

I have Windows Xp Home on my old Desktop and was wondering if
you could give me any Advice on which OS System to Choose. The
Specs of the Desktop are below.

I really Need Advice On this One, Thanks

GeForce 7300GS 256MB PCI-Express (1DVI / 1VGA) Card/

3GB DDR2 PC5400 Memory

Intel Core2 Duo E4500 2.2GHz 2M 800Mhz Processor

80GB 7200RPM 3G SATA II Hard Drive with a External 320GB Hard Drive

500 Watt Power Supply

Others may recommend you go Vista Ultimate just cause it would probably run better on your system hardware. But if you not needing all the eye candy and heavy memory usage of Vista I would say for now stick with XP Pro SP2 cause it is stable O/S now with all the updates. But as everything your finances should be what determines how much your can spend. I use the same video card specs as your is and I run XP pro Sp2 but you do have to keep in mind to keep your drivers for your hardware updated to get the most usage of the hardware. I know some users of Vista have had no problems and some have had problems left and right even though their system was the lastest model so it a 50/50 choice to see what your willing to go through and spend. But you do have to remember there aren’t alot of drivers and hardware from manufactures that still haven’t worked well with Vista so far but maybe in the future they will fix this but for now my opinion and advice is to stick with XP Pro as Vista is still to new to really diagnosis any major problem that might come up if you do encounter problem in Vista. Plus they are test XP Pro SP3 and Vista SP1…But I would from experience go with XP Pro SP3 for stability and usageablity.

XP Pro SP2 will work great for a few years to come. Vista will be there if you ever feel the need, but the next OS will be out by then and most people will just skip Vista altogether any way.

DirectX10 Games basically. If you want to play them with DX10, then you are going to need Vista.

[QUOTE=Womble;1974171]DirectX10 Games basically. If you want to play them with DX10, then you are going to need Vista.[/QUOTE]

maybe :wink: , but his card is only DX9 anyways… so overall i would tell em to stick with Windows XP SP2 as it’s stable and everything is supported… with Vista it’s all a gamble… but it’s getting better lately… but SP1 should make it a fairly safe bet by then.

but even then, theres not much real advantages Vista offers over XP anyways (plus not to mention Vista is generally a ram hog)… so i say stick with XP for a while cause it’s supported to like 2012-2014 from what i heard anyways… and by then the next Windows OS will be out.

If it comes with Vista CD, go with Vista since you dont have that OS yet. Then use your old XP to install on your new desktop so you will have both OS on hand. And should upgrade the video card to 8400GS if it doesn’t cost a lot more for better video play back especially those newer HD formats

With decent hardware, I’d be wanting to go to Vista Home Premium, to get the Vista eyecandy (Aero glass, Flip3d etc.).

There may still be some life in XP, but there is a lot more life in Vista, and its security is a bit better.